ПИСЬМО-РЕКЛАМА (Follow-up Letter)

Follow-up letter можно понимать как письмо-реклама, т.е. рекламное письмо, часто ответное письмо, которое направляется потенциальному покупателю, сделавшему запрос о том или ином товаре, либо после первоначальной встречи с потенциальным клиентом в качестве напоминания и рекламы.

Пример делового письма (follow-up letter) на английском языке:

FAO: Ms Lisa Fisher, Senior Buyer, Foxton’s

Dear Ms Fisher

It was a pleasure to meet you last Tuesday at Great Outdoors Exhibition, Olympia.

Further to our brief conversation, I have pleasure in enclosing our brochure and a price list for Foxton’s and a complimentary sample of the Tracker for your inspection.

The Tracker is the new waterproof GPS navigator for mountain climbers, cross-country skiers, whitewater rafters and other extreme sports fans; more sedate nature lovers, going bird watching or just for a gentle walk; and outdoor professionals, such as foresters, wildlife managers and even rescue teams. The Tracker represents a wide selection of map data by region and by country updating automatically – so you are able to use up-to-the-minute information. With Christmas approaching more and more people are beginning to think of a perfect gift for their friends and relatives and they will be looking for a product like the Tracker that is an ideal present particularly for outdoor users, off-road enthusiasts and explorers.

Unfortunately, we are unable to give you an opportunity being sole stockist for the region. However, we would be prepared to offer you sole agency for the towns where Faxton’s have branches. Furthermore we are pleased to grant you an exclusive sales video to help you promote our product.

I look forward to hearing your views in the near future. I would welcome the opportunity of meeting you in person. You might be interested to know that I am planning to be in Manchester next week. May I suggest Wednesday 18th at 4 o’clock at your office? If it is not convenient, you might like to propose an alternative arrangement next week. In any case I will ring you at the beginning of the next week.

I look forward to our forthcoming meeting to discuss any other details, and hope this is the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial association. Once again, thank you for your interest in Jaylon products.

Yours sincerely

Julian Gray

Sales Manager


Useful tips:

FAO - расшифровывается как 'for the attention of', и является письменной аббревиатурой при обращении к определенному человеку в деловых письмах и на посылках.


Как вежливо и правильно закончить деловое письмо на английском языке:

Yours sincerely - дословно переводится как "искренне Ваш(а)", но в более естественном переводе - "с уважением". Используется, чтобы завершить письмо, которое начиналось с обращения, в котором указана фамилия адресата, например Dear Ms Fisher, Dear Mr Green. Если в приветствии Вы не знаете и не указали фамилию адресата, например Dear Sir or Madam, письмо в таком случае следует завршить фразой Yours faithfully.


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