ПИСЬМО-ПРИГЛАШЕНИЕ (Invitation Letter / Letter of Invitation)

Пример (образец) делового письма (приглашения) на английском языке:

New Year Party Invitation
Ticket Number 013-0386

13 Sevastopolsky Ave.
Moscow, Russia

12th December

Dear Sir / Madam

The chairman and directors of OKENGLISH Company are honoured to invite you to attend the Company New Year Party to be held at the President Hotel (+ address), Moscow, on Tuesday, 29th December, at 8 o’clock. Limited free parking will be available.

In addition to a Holiday celebration filled with food, drinks and music there will be a fashion show, a disco night, karaoke, as well as a door prize for a $3000. The company is fully funding the occasion. So, don't miss out on the fun and a tremendous opportunity!

For entry and to be eligible for the lottery you will be required to produce this original invitation with your ticket number printed on it.

RSVP by 20th December to Christina Cane (+7 499 908 74 35). If Christina doesn't hear from you by Friday, 20th December we will assume that you are not attending the party and we will issue your ticket number to someone else.

Everyone looks forward to meeting you and sharing holiday spirit with you at our Annual New Year Party.

Yours faithfully


Useful tips:

RSVP - очень распространенное сокращение в приглашениях (от французского) = répondez s'il vous plaît = просим Вас ответить.


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